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Before our customers worked with us they were in a state of frustration with their health and well-being. After they go through one of our wellness program, many of our clients say that they have their life back. Their energy comes back, their sleep patterns get better and any excess weight they had comes off as their body begins to heal. Because they begin to actually feel better, they spend less time in bed feeling bad and more time spent with their family creating memories.

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The Root Cause of Health Issues

The root cause of people’s health problems is that they are unaware of how the healthcare system works and the options they have to help them really heal. We are pushed towards medication after medication that is supposed to “help” our problems, however all it does is mask the symptom. We may not realize that just because they don’t feel it anymore doesn’t mean that it’s fixed. We have to look deeper into what is causing these symptoms and heal it from there, the root so to speak. Once we heal the origin, then all of the symptoms will begin to go away as well.

Our Company Values

Achieving Health Doesn't Have to be Torture

As you begin your journey on our wellness programs you will begin to experience many positive changes. You will begin to sleep better, have more energy, lose weight, ease off of medications and a lot of their symptoms decrease as your body begins to heal itself. This is all done with a lifestyle based curriculum to help you achieve health.

Our Story

Dr. Michele DeLeon

We empathize with our clients because we have been where they are. I, Michele, had a big scare where I was told that I had acute liver failure and that I would need a liver transplant. However, through nutrition and lifestyle change, I did not need to have a transplant after all. My daughter, Victoria, works with me and she had the experience of seeing it all from a concerned family member’s eyes. With this experience we know what it’s like to have your life on the line and have the fear of losing someone. With this, we use it as fuel to our passion to help our clients out of scary situation and into a better, healthier life.

Our Simple 3 Step Process Makes Getting Started Easy

1. Attend a Seminar

Attend one our educational seminars on Stress, Hormones & Health and learn the benefit of functional wellness.

2. One on One Consultation

Come in for the one on one wellness consult where we discuss your health history and concerns.

3. Achieve Optimal Health

Experience one our wellness programs where we combine comprehensive testing, natural supplementation, one-on-one coaching, group classes and more to help you reach optimal health.

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