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Stress, Hormones and Health Seminar

Join us for an impactful seminar that will answer your questions about the state of health in America today. We are offering you free tickets to our next dinner seminar on Stress, Hormones & Health where you can learn how stress affects the body and what you can do to start to heal your body naturally.

Beautiful Image of San Antonio

Dr. Michele's Story

We empathize with our clients because we have been where they are. I, Michele, had a big scare where I was told that I had acute liver failure and that I would need a liver transplant. However, through nutrition and lifestyle change, I did not need to have a transplant after all. My daughter, Victoria, works with me and she had the experience of seeing it all from a concerned family member’s eyes. With this experience we know what it’s like to have your life on the line and have the fear of losing someone. With this, we use it as fuel to our passion to help our clients out of scary situation and into a better, healthier life.

I was told that my health was in such bad shape, that I needed to get my affairs in order before it was too late. I felt as if there was no other option and I almost gave up. However, I didn’t. I took charge of my health. I put myself on a program and once I completed it, I no longer needed to put my affairs in order. I came from my worst and I built myself back up to where my body can heal now. This experience gives me the authority in my field.

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